Join Us Next Thursday + Friday for Our Virtual Auction — It’s the One Virtual Event that Makes Sense and Runs Without a Snag

Results from the last MedEx Trade Virtual Auction

We like to think we’re optimistic around here. We try to find the upside within challenges and 2020 has presented many obstacles, but at our core – we’re nimble problem solvers. In these “zoomer” generation times, we’ve seen virtual everything: trade shows, demonstrations, training and our favorite – the virtual auction. Not all virtual events are equal because frankly – some virtual events are better than others and our sister company MedEx Trade, and their Virtual Auctions have been astounding successes and the feedback has been immensely positive.

It’s rather simple actually – we process volume and buyers benefit by purchasing preowned aesthetic devices at 50- to 90-percent savings. It’s a mix of competitive pricing and a robust selection which is good for buyers and sellers.

We’ve thought of everything and make this process as easy as possible.

  • Shipping international isn’t new to us – we do it every day and welcome people from all over the globe to join our auction because we ship anywhere.
  • For tax-payers in the States – we encourage you to take advantage of IRS Section-179 which means you can write-off 100-percent of your device purchases
  • The MedEx Trade Virtual Auction is free to participate and there are no auction services fees.
  • Save 50- to 90-percent and ask us about easy payment options.

We’ve joined and hosted countless Zoom and virtual events, conventions, parties and training sessions – some were better than others, but for us the winner has been our Virtual Aesthetic Auctions.

Join us and see for yourself.

Go here to register or call 310-878-2090.

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