From the Ashes of the Pandemic, Synergy MedSales Finds Opportunity In Crisis

synergy medsales nick zmuda austin podowski
Synergy MedSales President Nick Zmuda and CEO Austin Podowski

Pre-Pandemic, it was commonplace for Synergy’s in-house clinical trainer to fly around the country for onsite training sessions as part of medical device installations and fulfillment. And then the Pandemic happened in March and travel came to a screeching halt.

“The country was in quarantine, but we still had clients that needed training. The challenge forced us to adapt, so we built the in-house video production studio, hired audio and video professionals and began to produce customized training videos,” says Nick Zmuda, president Synergy MedSales. “Our clients love the videos and our studio is now a major company asset.”
Manufacturers create training videos for device buyers so the concept isn’t original, however it is pioneering for a preowned authorized dealer.

“I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since my teens, and also active in film throughout secondary school and university,” adds Synergy MedSales CEO Austin JM Podowski. “This multimedia pivot makes a lot of sense for us –not to mention it’s in-line with our storytelling and consulting approach to sales and marketing.”

Synergy MedSales produces customized videos and has the capacity to edit and repurpose existing content based on client need. The gamut of training videos for various devices such as aesthetic imaging, hair removal, skin tightening -wrinkle reduction and body contouring are in Synergy’s library.

No one will reflect on the Pandemic with fondness, but can recollect and ponder how we responded in a global catastrophe.

  • Did we use the time to grow?
  • Did we use the down time to read more and work on personal growth?
  • Did we come out of the Pandemic better than before?
  • Did we respond and combat the Pandemic, or did we regress?

Synergy MedSales was dealt a challenge and counterpunched with a studio.

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