2012 Candela GentleMax with 6-18mm and 1.5-3mm Delivery Systems- For Sale


Candela GentleMax:
Date of Manufacture: 03/2012

6mm-18mm DCD Delivery System

1.5mm-3mm DCD Delivery System

366,728 YAG Pulses

195,068 Alexandrite Pulses

1.5mm Lens Cartridge

3mm Lens Cartridge

6mm Lens Cartridge

8mm Lens Cartridge

10mm Lens Cartridge

12mm Lens Cartridge

Damaged 12mm Lens Cartridge

18mm lens Cartrdige

(2) Damages 18mm Lens Cartridges

Assortment of Distance Guides

Power Cable


SMS: M-0087

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