2014 Cartessa Quanta System Lightstar



  • Base Unit
  • Articulating Arm
  • Handpiece
  • Large 400nm
  • Large 625nm
  • Large 570nm
  • Large 530nm
  • Key
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
Wavelength (nm):755
Pulse width (ms):Up to 100
Repetition rate (Hz):Up to 1.5
Spot size (mm):6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Max fluence (J/cm2):Up to 123J/cm2 @ 6mm
Wavelength (nm)064 long pulse; 1064 short pulse
Pulse width long pulse (ms)3-300
Pulse width short pulse (ms)0.3-.8
Repetition rate long pulse (Hz)Up to 2
Repetition rate short pulse (Hz)Up to 7
Spot size long pulse (mm)6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Spot size short pulse (mm)2-5, 6
Max fluence long pulse (J/cm2)>300J/CM2 @ 2mm
Max fluence short pulse (J/cm2)up to 46J/cm2 @ 4mm

The Quanta Lightstar is a state of the art Laser with the newest technology facial and body laser treatments, making our procedures more effective and efficient as well as reducing the time it takes both per procedure as well as the amount of procedures you have to have saving you time and money.

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