2015 Cynosure Palomar Vectus


  • Base Unit
  • Hand piece and Tip set
  • Fiber Mast
  • Foot Pedal
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
Regulatory RequirementsClass II Medical Device (USA), Class IV Laser, Class I equipment, Type BF, applied part (CE approval).
Electrical Equipment TestingSystem is IEC 60601-1 compliant. See Appendix C for additional information.
Wavelength810 ± 20 nm
Spot Size23 mm x 38 mm (Large Sapphire Optic)
12 mm x 12 mm (Small Sapphire Optic)
Pulsewidth (user selectable)5 - 300 ms
Fluence/EnergyUp to 20 J/cm2 (Large Sapphire Optic)
Up to 100 J/cm2 (Small Sapphire Optic)
Light DeliveryLaser within Hand piece
Repetition RateUp to 3 Hz
ActuatorFootswitch and/or Handpiece
Voltage90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz (20 amp circuit required)
Max Power Input1100 VA
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 12-26° C (55-80° F) Humidity: 0-40% Optimum operating temperature is 20-21° C (68-70° F) Air Pressure: 860 hPa - 1060 hPa (hectopascals)
Transport/Storage Temperature: 0-50° C (32-124° F)
System CoolingCooling system for sapphire;
20° C (Large Sapphire Optic)
5- C (Small Sapphire Optic)
DimensionsCart= 22.9" W x 21.4" D x 7.4" H
Chiller Module= 17.5" W x 17.3" D x 12.4" H
Reservoir Module= 17.5" W x 17.3" D x 12.4" H
Base Module= 23.1" W x 20.7" D x 12.5" H
Assembled dimensions (not including boom):
22.9" W X 21.4" 0 X 40.5" H
WeightCart: 17.5 lbs., Chiller Module: 31 lbs.,
Reservoir Module: 23 lbs., Base Module: 40 lbs.,
Boom: 3 lbs., Rear Cosmetics: 4 lbs.
Total Vectus System weight: 120 lbs.

The Palomar Vectus Laser is the most advanced system for laser hair removal in Redondo Beach, treating all skin types with little to no discomfort. Fewer treatments are necessary to achieve smooth, carefree skin even on difficult areas such as the back and chest.

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