2016 Sunetics LED Hair Restoration



  • Base Unit
  • Articulating Arm
  • Power cord
  • Manual
Laser Base18 x 18 inches
Top Laser20.5 x 18 inches
Top Laser with Arm67.5 inches tall
Total Laser Weight150 LBS
Laser Specifications
Laser TypeAlGaInP
Number of Lasers107 separate laser diodes
Laser ClassificationClass 1M (Safest Rating given by FDA for laser device)
Wavelength650 nm (+/-5nm),
True Laser (NOT LED)
Output Power: 5mW each laser moduleTotal Output Power = 514 mW
MTBF 5,000 hours, Lasers –5VDC,
<30mA per diode
RadiationVisible Red Light,
Continuous Wave,
Uncollimated Beam,
Utilizes Patented Laser Beam
Dispersion Technology
Laser DeliveryDirect from Source
ProgrammabilityTimer - Increments from 10 to 30 minutes
Laser –100% duty cycle
Manual Override On/Off Switch
Display:Total treatment time, time remaining, total unit hours,user selectable front panel control
Laser Treatment Area ControlLaser panel designed for both scalp and facial treatment.
(some doctors also use this device for photofacial work)
SafetyStart / Stop / Pause
programming switch. Unit sounds a warning beep with 2 minutes left of treatment
Power Consumption100-240VAC,
50-60Hz at 4.5A
UL / CE listed power system
EnvironmentalOperating -40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 10-90% humidity, non-condensing

The Sunetics Laser uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the hair follicles, healing them and helping them to regrow into thick, normal sized hairs. Our FDA Cleared technology offers No Pain, No Drugs, No Surgery, and No Side Effects.

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