2018 Cynosure Icon with MaxR, MaxG, MaxYs, & 1540 Fractional. New From Box- NEVER USED


2018 Cynosure Icon:

MaxG Handpiece with 4mm Adapter

MaxR Handpiece

MaxYs Handpiece with 4mm Adapter

1540 Handpiece with 10mm Tip, 15mm Tip, Calibration Tip, and Foregrip

Skintel Melanin Reader

Foot Pedal

Power Cables, North American & European

4 Sets of Eyewear

Patient Eyewear

Chiller Roller

Extra Flow Valves

Extra Fuses


Disposable Eyeshields

Disposable Handpiece Masks

1 Bottle of Lux Lotion

2 Bottles of Chiller Fluid

Danger Sign

Vein Finder Card

Spray Bottle Pump


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This Cynosure Icon is brand new from the box.  NEVER SEEN USE