2021 Cartessa Physiq



  • Base Unit
  • 4 Paddles
  • Body Band Cumberbunds
  • Gel Pads
  • Patient Button
  • Advertising Material
  • System Key
  • Power Cord
  • Manual
Device Trade NameSubject Device
Class, Product CodeClass II, IPF GZJ
Rx/OTCRx only
Basic Unit Characteristics
Components ConsoleThe PHYSIQ System consists of the following components:
• Console (including controller, power supply units and all needed electronic boards), and user interface including an LCD touch screen.
• Four Handpieces connected to the console via a cable.
Console [W x H x D]34cm x 67cm x 90cm
Applicator [L x D]Handpiece 9cm x 9cm
51.0 Kg
Handpiece: 0.5 Kg
Performance Specifications:Main Line Frequency (nominal)
Components Console50-60Hz
Input Voltage (nominal)
Input Current (rms)
9A max

PHYSIQ is the latest, most advanced body treatment technology from the leading Italian laser manufacturer, DEKA. PHYSIQ delivers heat and energy to the targeted area for optimal results with no downtime.

With PHYSIQ, providers can choose to utilize two, three or four applicators to target one or more body areas.  The size and design of the four applicators provide several benefits.  First, energy is emitted at a 120-degree angle from the applicator.  This provides broader coverage in the underlying tissue without having to increase the size of the applicator. Smaller applicator size means they can be arranged in an ideal fashion and it is easier to target small areas like the inner thighs and flanks.

Customized silicone gel pads are placed on each applicator to support the efficient transfer of energy and comfortable body bands are available in two sizes to ensure applicators stay in place and to eliminate the need for staff supervision.

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