Cutera Juliet with vaginal probe



  • Training
  • Installation
  • Base Unit
  • Handpiece with Distance Gauge
  • Interlock
  • Arm with cooling hose and cable
  • System Key
  • Foot Pedal
  • User Manual
  • Power Cord
SpecificationCutera Juliet
Device modelFloor-based unit
DisplayDisplay with capacitive push-buttons below glass plate
Operator guidanceTouchscreen
Cooling CoolantInternal cooling cycle Distilled water only
Door interlock connector5V/10mA
Laser warning lampPotential-free relay contact max. 24V/1A (make contact)
Permissible ambient conditionsTemperature:
Rel. air humidity:
15°C to 30°C
max. 85% (no condensation)
max. 2000m above sea level
Permissible transport and storage conditionsTemperature:
Rel. air humidity:
10°C to +70°C
max. 90% (no condensation)
Dimensions360 × 600 × 930 mm (W × D × H)
without mirror arm and handpiece
Weightapprox. 75 kg
Power requirements230V/50Hz max. 2500W
120V/60Hz max. 2500W
Main fuseovercurrent release 16A, medium slow-blow
Overvoltage categoryII (IEC 60664-1)
Peak mains voltage Max. nominal mains voltageV MT peak = 2500V peak V MN rms = 300V rms

The Cutera Juliet laser ablates the skin with a degree of precision that can be measured in microns and can be carried out as a fully ablative or fractional process. This makes it possible to safely and gently remove a wide variety of lesions from the skin at epidermis and dermis level.

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