News Release: Synergy MedSales Unveils the OPTIC | ELITE, the Skin Care Industry’s Newest Aesthetic Imaging Platform

Synergy MedSales Developers and Releases OPTIC Imaging Technology for aesthetic practices during the pandemic.

News Release Highlights:

  • Synergy MedSales unveils the OPTIC | ELITE, its newest aesthetic imaging platform to better educate skin care professionals and patients with real-time skin health data
  • The instrument utilizes RGB visible light, PL polarized light and UV spectrum imaging technology, along with the latest artificial intelligence age simulation and skin enhancements to create more effective skin care solutions
  • OPTIC | ELITE is the larger and faster successor to the OPTIC | SLIM – it features a 15-inch Android tablet display and generates skin information reports in 20 seconds

SYNERGY MEDSALES, a global leader in aesthetic device sales, announces the official North American release of the OPTIC | ELITE, the successor to the OPTIC | SLIM. The aesthetic imaging platform provides information for both skin care professionals and patients to create more effective skin care solutions.

The OPTIC | ELITE’s facial skin analysis system clinically measures the surface and subsurface layers of skin using digital imaging technology. The instrument utilizes several lighting techniques, including RGB visible light, PL polarized light and UV spectrum imaging technology, along with the latest artificial intelligence age simulation and skin enhancements.

A compact and lightweight solution for the on-the-go skin health expert, the OPTIC | ELITE offers a sleek and modern design. Previously 10-inches, the enlarged 15-inch Android tablet display provides an accelerated 20-second processing time, a push-to-patient email feature and SD card sharing. This advancement in aesthetic imaging supports one of the first tablet displays complete with synchronized and pre-installed software.

“Patient potential is increased by providing a mix of data and photography, the end-result is a concept we refer to as, ‘the real selfie’,” says Austin JM Podowski, SYNERGY MEDSALES CEO. “And with the addition of the OPTIC | ELITE, we have two products for the market. The OPTIC | SLIM is better for on-the-go professionals and the OPTIC | ELITE is a larger, more robust, stationary device. Both however, are valuable assets to any skin care professional’s business.”

Software enhancements analyze patient’s facial skin analysis in greater detail by showing lesion counts, percentiles and essential metrics. Improved data enables patients to make better aesthetic treatment decisions in their skin health journey. The OPTIC | ELITE supports a paradigm shift for education and information in the aesthetic consultation. For providers, the result is an increase in procedure bookings and product sales spike.

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