The MedSpa Startup; 7 Essential Treatments & Technologies for Launching Your New Med Spa

Many times during consultations, we experience clients who are just starting out that reference dozens of different technologies that have no relation or compatibility with one another. They ask about one device because they heard about it from a friend, another system that they saw at a tradeshow, and different technology that they viewed at a local competitors office. This type of due-diligence will lead you down a path of confusion and uncertainty. Selecting the right repertoire of treatments and technologies is much more simple than that.

There is a consistent formula most new Med Spa’s follow when just starting their businesses. It’s composed of many of the highest-volume aesthetic procedure offering’s in global aesthetics over the past decade. There is naturally going to be variability in what you decide to offer and what your competitor is offering; however, establishing some of the most fundamental treatments in aesthetics as a core to your business helps create a firm foundation for your immediate success.

Let’s take a look at 7 of the most essential treatments and technologies for your new MedSpa startup:

1. Injectables; Filler & Neuromodulators

This is an obvious choice and the first start for many when launching their new Med Spa. Offering fillers and injectables is a great initial revenue source with minimal investment. This type of treatment doesn’t require surgery, it’s easy to perform and patients typically see results. Starting with Fillers, these are categorized by the unique ingredient that they are made from ranging from Hyaluronic acid to Polylactic acid. Each ingredient has a unique affect that you’ll want to be sure to research very thoroughly before on-boarding any product. A few of the filler products to take a look at are Jevederm, Restylane, & Sculptra. Similarly, there are several neuromodulator options out there ranging from the behemoth of Botox to newly commercialized Jeuvau. Do your research, speak with multiple different reps, and understand your unique market pricing strategy. Whether you’re offering dermal fillers or neuromodulators, or both, it’s important to understand quickly that these are high-volume, low-revenue procedures. This type of a treatment won’t sustain your business as it’s very competitive which dwindles your margin. This is a great fundamental offering that allows your patient to graduate into more advanced therapies that yield higher margins for you.

2. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP procedures are increasingly becoming one of the highest volume treatments in Aesthetics due to its effectiveness and versatility. Being that, it’s one of the first considerations for a new Med Spa to offer in their launch. Similar to fillers and injectables, the initial investment is relatively low for a centrifuge and complementary treatment kits. PRP can also be a great complimentary procedure to many other aesthetic treatments.

3. Skin Analysis Consultation Tool

This is one of the most underestimated investments you can make. The consultation is key to your upsell success. Having an advanced imaging tool that determines underlying skin conditions and helps better connect your patients’ problems with your customizable solutions is simply a win-win in an aesthetic setting. You can monitor your patient’s treatment progression all while maximizing your revenue. Check out the OPTIC|SLIM advanced imaging system as a great, affordable tool for aesthetic imaging.

4. Advanced Serum Infusion Facial

One of the trendiest  technologies in aesthetics is that of an advanced serum infusion facial. You have probably heard of technologies like Hydrafacial or Dermalinfusion, two of the most popular in aesthetics for this type of treatment. Having an advanced serum infusion facial technology helps provide a segway to higher revenue procedures. Due to the popularity of this particular type of treatment, it allows you to gain more patients at the aesthetic entry level that you can build trust with and grow to booking additional services. Not to mention, this isn’t a permanent treatment. This type of treatment likely will, and should, be done on a monthly basis. Lastly, it’s an excellent adjunct treatment to more advanced therapies that we will discuss further below.

5. Multi-Modality Platform; Hair Removal & Photofacials

Multi-Modality Platform Overview: A multi-modality platform is a combined technology device that offers multiple different core technologies within a single platform. This gives you the ability to offer many of the top aesthetic laser, light and/or energy-based treatments all in one platform.

Hair Removal

Consistently one of the most popular, in-demand procedures in aesthetics for the last decade are hair removal treatments. This is where technology plays a big factor in the efficacy of your laser hair removal services. Understanding what skin type your client is, what color their hair is, etc. are all going to be important factors in deciding what technology is right for you. There are several FDA approved technologies that all have varying levels of treatment effectiveness. Understanding the Fitzpatrick skin-typing scale as it relates to the wavelengths available to target hair removal, is very important. For example, a 1064nm wavelength is typically used to target darker skin types, whereas a 755nm Alexandrite is mostly used for skin types 1-4. There are machine’s out there that offer dual-wavelength capabilities 1064nm/755nm to target the range; but these are typical solid-state lasers and quality ones are expensive to purchase and even more expensive to maintain over the course of its life. Unless hair removal is visioned to be a big part of your revenue, typically this type of a device isn’t necessary for a new Med Spa. With that said, there are single wavelengths out there that can effectively target the range of skin types with the utilization of different pulse durations; specifically, 808nm or 810nm diode technology. These technologies are typically lower initial investment cost and lower recurring maintenance cost and through industry innovation, can be a part of a multi-modality platform that offers other treatment capabilities as well.

Intense Pulsed Light/Photofacials

Photofacials, also known as Photorejuvenation, is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand procedures in Aesthetics. Correcting sun damage with the use of an IPL (intense pulsed light) technology has skyrocketed in aesthetics. The specific technology you select is very important when it comes to producing quality results for your patients. IPL devices are one of the most saturated technologies available for sale by a multitude of different manufactures. Not all IPL’s are made equal. Two of the primary factors in an IPL’s effectiveness are Joules and Pulse Duration. The great thing about this technology is that you can typically find it as apart of a multi-modality platform.

6. Microneedling

Microneedling has swiftly emerged as one of the hottest treatments and technologies in Aesthetics. Utilizing tiny needles to penetrate the skin with the purpose of generating new collagen for smoother skin and overall rejuvenation has allowed for an alternative solution to this treatment with a less intense delivery than competing technologies. There are essentially two solutions when it comes to Microneedling; standard Microneedling using a Microneedling Pen, and Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling; which maximizes the treatment outcome by combining RF delivery with microneedles to effectively target the collagen for a more efficacious outcome. The investment between the two is quite the jump, however, as Microneedling Pen’s are a relatively lower initial investment cost while RF Microneedling machine’s are a larger initial investment.

7. Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction

Lastly, we arrive at another flourishing area of aesthetics; body treatments. Specifically, we’re taking a look at body contouring and cellulite reduction procedures. This is undoubtedly becoming one of the fastest growing segments in aesthetics with respect to treatment volume. Radio Frequency is a consistent technology used by many manufactures for this treatment with differences in handpieces and delivery mechanisms. For example, there are technologies out there that use a combination of a vacuum-suction with radio frequency for a more targeted delivery affect – and then there are technologies out there that use radio frequency in conjunction with ultrasound to maximize the unique energy delivered. Technology is key here and it’s important to understand what the long-term plan is if you begin offering body treatments. Are you wanting to eventually expand into more body treatments, like non-invasive fat reduction and muscle toning? It’s OK if you can’t answer that question today but understanding what your vision is becomes very important to help set your business up for long-term success from the start.

In conclusion, when starting your own Medspa the formula should be very simple; understand what is industry proven to be a high-demand treatment and take that into careful consideration when formulating your menu of services. Take the risk on newer technologies and treatments when you’ve launched your business and you have an established patient-base. It is also very important to understand your state law and what types of treatments and technologies that you’re allowed to offer and operate.

The above 7 essential treatments and technologies for your new Med Spa are proven fundamental offerings that are consistently high-demand treatments that should help you build a great foundation for your business.