Five Things to Consider Before You Buy Used Medical Equipment

Systems, processes, checklists, and formulas in business are essential to success. And it’s typically a deviation from proven processes that cause problems. The reason a Big Mac hamburger tastes the same in Miami, Florida as in Seattle Washington is because of McDonald’s perpetual commitment to process. Whether or not you like their food “Billions and Billions Served,” indicates they’re business model is working.

Processes are effective for all aspects of business in all industries – a process for purchasing used medical equipment is a must.

Here are five tips for buying used medical equipment for your med spa:

5. Price
Become a student of the industry and study its commodities. There are often opportunities to save when shopping preowned versus new as these companies tend to be nimbler. And don’t be afraid to negotiate – perhaps a dealer is more interested in unloading inventory than making a large margin.

4. Study
Research the technology and know what you’re buying. Perhaps the best way to learn about the products is to talk to OEM manufacturer reps. Yes, they will be selling, but there’s education in a sales pitch. Also, understand the available brand options for the device you need – like all industries – some brands are Timex and others are Rolex. What’s best for you?

3. Research Your Seller
Here’s a simple way to shop your seller – pick up the phone and give them a call. Does a real person answer the phone? Shop them on the Web – do they have an online presence?

2. Extended Service – Yea or Nay?
Is extended service essential for you? Do you need it? Perhaps you’re knowledgeable enough to service the equipment in-house. Consider taking a pass on any sort of protection plan – it could mean savings for you.

Not all equipment is the same and certain devices don’t need an extended warranty – for example radio frequency device does not require the regular preventative maintenance that a q-switched yag or picosecond technology does.

1. Don’t Be Seduced by Latest-Greatest
A little-known fact is that the fundamentals of our industry’s technology don’t change as much as people think. The newest isn’t always the greatest and there’s a pinnacle of evolution – just because it’s brand new doesn’t mean it’s the best.

With this and other similar learning-based articles, our focus at Synergy MedSales is education – if you have questions – feel free to dial us at 310-272-5824 or email us here.

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